2 Poles In 1 Hole

ORDER NUMBER: CV08450 • UPC CODE: 802752084501

STUDIO: Catalina Video
CAST: Dylan Reece, Matt Bradshaw, Blake Harper, Chad Savage, Chip Hardy, Chris Canyon, Christopher Scott, Clint Cooper, Danny Lee, Dean Phoenix, Diego Correa, Doug Jeffries, Frank Taylor, Mark Kroner, Jake Andrews, Jason Branch, Kenny , Lane Fuller, Logan Reed, Lucas James, Nino Bacci, Patrick Allen, Rod Barry, Sandy Sloane, Spike , Tanner Hayes, Mike Radcliffe, Rafael Torloni, Hugo Ferrari, and Adriel Santana
SYNOPSIS: Will they fit? I guess you’ll have to watch to find out! These brave horny fuckers decided that one huge cock is just not enough for them, so they take 2 instead! Holes are stretched beyond belief in this sum splattered extravaganza!