The Bite

ORDER NUMBER: CV08009 • UPC CODE: 802752608004

STUDIO: Catalina Video
CAST: Derrick Corbin, John Rhodes, Jon Vincent, Londun, Madison, Max Holden, Randall Maxxon, Sean Carrera, Dillon Reid, Rob Cryston, and Steve Lipariti
SYNOPSIS: JOHN VINCENT stars in this modern day CHI CHI LARUE classic! An old family curse sends DILLON REID in search of some new blood. 1980’s screen favorites MAX HOLDEN, RANDALL MAXXON, ROB CRYSTON, and DERRICK CORBIN supply the sexual thrills and give this thriller some bite !
KEYWORDS: Jock, Hairy, Posing, Caucasian, Underwear, Blow Job, Muscle, Daddies, Fetish, Solo, Rimming

The Bite was previously published with the UPC 802752080091.