ORDER NUMBER: CV08376 • UPC CODE: 802752083764

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: William Hunter
CAST: Bill Adams, Cole Tucker, Doug Jeffries, Kristian Brooks, Mike Torbeck, Richard De Santis, Tony Tedesco, Vinnie Rocko

SYNOPSIS: A tale of rough sex and the men who like it that way!


My Best Friend’s Lover

ORDER NUMBER: CV04257 • UPC CODE: 802752427599

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: Brad Austin
CAST: Danny Chance, Danny Pachecco, Marco Ferreti, Matt Sizemore, Mike Radcliffe, Patrick Knight, Tommy Saxx, Tuck Johnson, Xavier, Victor Racek

SYNOPSIS: MY BEST FRIEND’S LOVER sure is a loaded title. Can’t you just figure that somehow someone’s going to be having sex with his best friend’s lover? Which, of course, begs the question: With friends like you…
But, we have to tell you that director Brad Austin has put together a great script here. We were surprised at how the story ended and it made us smile. It also made us wish that we had a best friend like Danny Chance!
MY BEST FRIEND’S LOVER is a fun video that we liked watching. The story made us smile. The action gave us boners. And that fucking Victor Racek is a fucking hunk

KEYWORDS: Muscle, Blow Job, Anal, Jock


ORDER NUMBER: CV04214 • UPC CODE: 802752042693

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: Brad Austin
CAST: Nick Young, Andrew Lennox, Blake Harper, Dave Casino, David Bronson, Jason Branch, Paul Dawson, Rafe Ford

SYNOPSIS: JASON BRANCH & BLAKE HARPER star in this feature from Director Brad Austion.   When a nosy neighbor trys to get a piece of the hunky couple his advances are refused.  What’s a guy to do when you just “have to have it” !  Look for a standout performance from DAVE CASINO and his mega FAT, Mega JUICY, UNCUT SLAB of SWOLLEN MEAT!

KEYWORDS: Latin, Rimming, Daddies, Muscle, Blow Job, Hairy, Jock

The Rod Squad

ORDER NUMBER: CV08338 • UPC CODE: 802752083382

STUDIO: Catalina Video
CAST: Dallas Taylor, Gene LaMar, Grant King, Rod Garetto, Fiorenzi DiScala, Gino Colbert, Aaron Scott, Lee Baldwin


Rod Garetto is the man that can in The Rod Squad, the first video to showcase the enormous talent of the Latin lover man and his super huge piece of prime pounding man meat.

So If you’ve been dreaming about the big one… If a huge juicy cock has been on your mind… If it’s time to satisfy the urge that’s been aching… Call the men that can. Call the Rod Squad!

KEYWORDS: Interracial, Latin, Solo, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Anal, Caucasian, Posing, Jock

Sex Sessions

ORDER NUMBER: CV04269 • UPC CODE: 802752042693

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: Peter Romero
CAST: Chad Hunt, Chad Williams, Deacon Frost, Jacob Scott, Jessie Cooper, Michael Johnson, Mike Radcliffe, Parker Williams, Tuck Johnson

SYNOPSIS: Studly well hung CHAD WILLIAMS heads this cast of mega sized meat packers, including TUCK JOHNSON, JESSE COOPER, JACOB SCOTT & CHAD 13″ HUNT. Director Peter Romero serves up the oversized portions in this non stop adventure.

KEYWORDS: Latin, Rimming, Blow Job, Hairy, Jock

Raw Poles in Tight Holes (NEW)

ORDER NUMBER: CV08526 • UPC CODE: 802752085263

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: William Higgins
CAST: David Koral, Filip Cervenka, Lukas Pribyl, Petr Kluk, Rado Zuska, Zdenek Berdak, Zdenek Bodbaba, Gregor Bortel, Tomas Kukal, Rudy Bodlak, David Samek, Ondra Krahul, Marek Kral, Milos Zambo
KEYWORDS: bareback

Palm Springs Escort Service

ORDER NUMBER: CV04301 • UPC CODE: 802752043010

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: Brad Austin
CAST: Ben Brown, Brad McGuire, Josh Kole, Leo Tanner, Roman Gabriel, Scott Tanner, Wade Mohawk, Zane West

SYNOPSIS: Everybody knows escorts do more than just take you out on the town, and the escorts at the PALM SPRINGS ESCORT SERVICE are no exception. Handsome and Hung ZANE WEST heats up the California desert community with a little help from his buddies. Sexy BRAD MCGUIRE co stars in this feature from Director BRAD AUSTIN.

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Latin, Rimming, Daddies, Muscle, Blow Job, Jock

Secret Sex

ORDER NUMBER: CV08016 • UPC CODE: 802752080169

STUDIO: Catalina Video
CAST: Aiden Shaw, Derek Cruise, Grant Larson, Jimmy Dante, John Wood, Kurt Wolfe, Mark West, Rob Cryston, Steve Maverick, Zak Spears

SYNOPSIS: The first chapter in a 3 part trilogy from legendary Director Chi Chi LaRue. Secert Sex takes us on a journey into the near future where sex post-nuclear has it’s ups and downs. A stella cast including AIDEN SHAW, ROB CRYSTON, and cult favorite SHARON KANE (non-sexual) make this roller coaster ride of hot sex and sexual tension a sure fire hit!

KEYWORDS: Latin, Rimming, Muscle, Blow Job, Hairy, Jock