ORDER NUMBER: CV03045 • UPC CODE:802752804598

STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: John Travis

CAST: Adam Grant, Chris Gray, John Davenport, David Ashfield, Doug McCall, Jeff Boote, Jeff Stryker, Jim Pulver, Mike Henson, Mike Ryan, and Robert Harris

SYNOPSIS: JEFF STRYKER stars in his 2nd release after the record breaking Powertool.  Joined by a hot and hunky cast including Johnny Davenport, Mike Henson, and Jeff Boote, this John Travis feature is sure to please. Our special 20th Anniversary Edition contains 2 hardcore bonus scenes featuring Giorgio Canali and Kip Noll.

KEYWORDS: Jock, Posing, Uniforms, Underwear, Blow Job, Muscle, Pre Condom, Solo, Rimming