ORDER NUMBER: RV1260 • UPC CODE: 666987012605

STUDIO: Rascal Video


CAST: Brett Bradley, David Benjamin, James Hamilton, Johnny Hazzard, Logan Vaughn, Sean Duran, and Tony Orion


SYNOPSIS: In the vein of Multi- award winning studio Channel 1 Releasing’s mega leather themed hits such as Link, Leather Sessions and Tread Heavy comes #LEATHER. This spit and bootlicking romp brings some favorites and newcomers into the seedy world of slings, chains, and dark backroom sex. The nasty journey starts with Superstar Johnny Hazzard taking total control of blonde muscle bottom jock, Logan Vaughn. With Johnny in master mode he teases Logan by slapping, chocking and spitting all while Logan is chained to the wall by a huge metal dog collar. This paring is one for the kinky record books as cum and spit mingle and get passed between these two horny leather men. Muscle pup Tony Orion comes upon big dicked, tatted up bad boy Sean Duran licking, chewing and smelling all the leather in the storage room. Soon, the two piggy pups are sharing Tony’s sweaty leather jock, trying to tear it out of each others mouths with their teeth. Tons of jock play continues as these two heated beasts rim, suck, and fuck all over the room, ending with huge creamy loads all over that jock. Filthy talk between Superstar newcomer David Benjamin and horse hung James Hamilton start the sparks flying in the raunchy sex club. So much spit you could swim in it. Fingers up asses, tongues on holes and two bulls fighting for dominance. “Fuck daddy’s ass!” screams David, and James does just that. This dark and brooding scene literally fucks the sweat and cum out of both of these raging bulls. While all this scorching man-sex is going on, huge 12” hung Brett Bradley strokes his monster meat, watching himself in the overhead mirror. This is a banquet of exhibitionism and voyeuristic play with Brett serving it up hot. #LEATHER is from the dirty mind of Award winning director Chi Chi LaRue and brings Hue Wild back behind the camera. A filthy, piggy cast brings it all to life for your twisted fantasies