Raw Discipline

ORDER NUMBER: CU1007 • UPC CODE: 742453603437

STUDIO: Projex
DIRECTOR: Steven Walker
CAST: Anthony Gallo, Brad King, Eduardo, Steve Cannon, and Ren Adams

SYNOPSIS: For Ren Adam’s birthday, Brad King gives him a gift of the hot stud bottom Steve Cannon for an afternoon of hot bondage punishment and heavy S&M. This scene is extremely intense with heavy duty nipple and ball play. Steve’s pain threshold is something to behold. Brad has his own agenda. He watches Ren and Steve through a telescope as he shoves a dildo up his own asshole and soon shoots one of the biggest loads of cum ever seen on video! Sucking, Bondage, Paddling, Bootlicking and Buttfucking! Hot, Hot Action!

KEYWORDS: Latin, Bears, Fetish, Spanking, Bondage, Hairy