ORDER NUMBER: CV08380 • UPC CODE: 802752083801

STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: Dillon Scott

CAST: Alex Thomas, Chris McKenzie, Sean Carrera, Sean Steele, Storm , Zachary Dietrich, and Zeff Ryan

SYNOPSIS: Read to Serve tells the all-male military tale of the men who go to serve their country and the boyfriends they leave behind. These guys know all about putting their ass on the line because they’ve be doing it with their buddies back home. Now, miles away, it’s up to each raw recruit to satisfy the urges that have their big proud cocks standing at attention! When you’re ready to sign-up for some hardpounding military maneuvers- the kind you won’t find in the training manuals- enlist with Catalina Video and serve horny suck and fuck servicemen doing whatever it takes to be Ready to Serve

KEYWORDS: Military