Sunsex Blvd

ORDER NUMBER: CV08058 • UPC CODE: 802752080589

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: Brad Austin
CAST: Brandon Wells, Dave Logan, Mark West, Max Stone, Micheal Ashley, Chuck McCoy, Scott Randsome, Steve Maverick, Zak Spears

SYNOPSIS: Director BRAD AUSTIN’S sweeping epic follows the adventures of Norman Desmond, played by ZAK SPEARS (winner BEST ACTOR at the 1994 GAY EROTIC VIDEO AWARDS).  Norman, a retired porn star who is a bit off his rocker, hires Hollywood screenwriter BRANDON WELLS to tell his story.This camp classic also won BEST SEX COMEDY and features an outstanding cast of supporting actors including MAX STONE, SCOTT RANDSOME, DAVE LOGAN, & STEVE MAVERICK.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Muscle, 69, Blow Job, Hairy, Jock