THE SWITCH IS ON – Jeff Stryker (Pre-Condom Classic, Bisexual)


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STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: John Travis

CAST: Allan Fox, Steve Ross, Breezy Lane, Danielle , Dave Phillips, Elle Rio, Jeff Quinn, Jeff Stryker, John Rocklin, Kevin Williams,Megan Daniels, and Mike Miller

SYNOPSIS: Back in the day when JEFF STRYKER ruled supreme, he could pretty much pick and choose any production he wanted to make.  Jeff being a true Bi-Sexual wanted to tap that market, his longtime friend and director JOHN TRAVIS was happy to oblige.  Together these two made one of the most powerful and exciting Bi-Sexual movies of all time.  With a stellar cast including JOHN VINCENT, ELLE RIO & KEVIN WILLIAMS it’s no wonder this feature took the BEST PICTURE award in 1987.

Jeff Stryker as a farmboy who goes to Hollywood and meets a rich and decadent couple. Under their influence, he learns that sex has no gender boundaries.

KEYWORDS: Jock, Tattoos, Group, Posing, Caucasian, Blow Job, 3 Way, Muscle, Pre Condom, Bisexual, Solo, Rimming