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STUDIO: Rascal Video


CAST: Arpad Miklos, Blake Nolan, Cole Ryder, Damien , Johnny Hazzard, Manuel Torres, Mick Powers, Nick Marino, and Steve Cruz

SYNOPSIS: Johnny Hazzard is trying to escape the city for a weekend at his cabin in the mountains. Upon arriving at the cabin Johnny is inspired by the beauty of nature to strip down and release all of his stress in an outdoor jack off scene.

Three bears, Arpad Miklos, Cole Ryder and Steve Cruz emerge from the woods and are whipped into a sexual frenzy with the smell of Johnny’s fresh spilled cum in the air. The three bears pillage one another on, around and in Johnny’s truck.

Later that night Johnny is relaxing at his cabin when he hears a noise at the door. When he goes to investigate he’s attacked by six hunky bears; Blake Nolan, Nick Moreno, Mick Powers, Manuel Torres and Daddy Bear Damien. The pack of wild hairy men are being led by Arpad Miklos, who is still on the trail of Johnny’s hot scent.

The video comes to a climax with all six of the bears taking part in a rampaging gang bang of Johnny Hazzard that ends with him drenched with their cum.

Take a trip to the woods with Johnny Hazzard in “When Bears Attack” from Rascal Video.

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Peter & Casey O’Brian

CAST: Antonio Baci, Dereck Bishop, Josh Stern, Lazar Zorba, Mark West, Mike Vespa, Nick Stevenson, and Rand Hawlke

SYNOPSIS: Skip the razors and get off with these men in this sex filled romp. The hairy action starts when Big boy Nick Stevenson brings his fuzzy buddy Rand Hawlke to the ‘Bear’s Den’, a sex club for furry men.

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Thorton Grey

CAST: Daddy Shawn, Jake Rowe, Ross Wolfen, Kor Newman, Mac Cannon, and Rick Taylor

SYNOPSIS: Jake Rowe is a big bear of a lumberjack who likes to tell stories. While on a camping trip, Jake and his furry friends re-enact the hot times they have had in the great outdoors.

The fuzzy faced guy’s head to beautiful Washington State. As they sip their coffee and talk of sex, they bring up the subject of Lumberjacks.

A tale is told of the hairy and horny JAKE ROWE. Chopping wood gives him the hornies and he gets a woody himself. Jake strokes his cock and shows us his big pecs, biceps and hairy body. He licks his armpit as he pulls his pud.

ROSS WOLFEN tells his tale of how he was grabbed from behind and man handled by DADDY SHAWN. Daddy goes for Ross’s hairy chest before sticking his tongue down his throat. Daddy bends the furry ass Ross over and gives his ass a few good smacks. Ross turns around a sucks on Daddy’s nipples and armpits before heading south and sucking his cock ring dick and man sack. Ross snacks on Daddy’s ass crack and licks his butt hole. Daddy returns the favor and rims on Ross’s manhole, working his mouth to his cock. Daddy gets Ross on all fours and fucks him doggy style before moving into the missionary position. Both men jerk off to a hot climax.

Back to Jake still working his man tool. He spits on his prick to lube it and then fingers his furry hole. He grabs his glove and rubs his ass with it and takes a whiff.

Cut to the guys chatting up more sex antics. A four way bear feast begins with two of the guys walking through the woods. As one of the bears takes a piss he strolls along until he meets a hairy bear leaning on a tree. The two kiss and are soon joined by a third who joins in the smooching. A red headed bear comes along and goes down on the three. The bears pair off and go to work on stiffies. The red headed bear sports a nice schlong with a bright red man bush. The men spread ass cheeks and butt munch. The four head deeper into the woods to a tee-pee. There they continue with more dick sucking and ass eating. Big Red starts the ass fucking by sticking it to Jake Rowe. The men climax and dump their loads on Jake’s hairy chest.

The final scene brings Jake giving us his creamy load to finish off his solo session and licking his man juice off the saw table. A hairy, bear lovers delight!

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Bill Adams, Chuck Hill, Jared Mason, Dave West, Zack Thorson, and Puddles

SYNOPSIS: Mr. San Francisco Bear BILL ADAMS is hungry for some hairy ass man-meat and his blue collar mechanic buddies are more than happy to feed it to him. Dave West and Zack Thorson are two audience favorites who keep this non-stop sex-feast full of exciting and memorable action.

KEYWORDS: Bears, Muscle, Blow Job, Hairy


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STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: Peter Romero
CAST: Eric Evans, Hank Hightower, J.R. Edwards, Mick Ryan, Mike Vespa, Nick Stevenson, Steven Michaels, and Wayne Stephens
SYNOPSIS: Eric Evans and Hank Hightower lead the cast in this production which features several actors who were discovered at the International Mr. BEAR competition in Chicago!