Link the Evolution (1 Disc)

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STUDIO: All Worlds
CAST: Tyler Saint, Chad Hunt, Kevin Miles, Blake Nolan, Blake Riley, Bobby Williams, Bo Matthews, Brendan Davies, Cole Ryan, Cole Ryder, Dean Tucker, Derrick Hanson, Eddie Diaz, Joe Strong, Johnny Hazzard, Josh Weston, Ken Browning, Ken Mack, Lex Sabre, Manuel Torres, Matt Majors, Nick Marino, Nick Moretti, Park Wiley, Scott Spears, Scott Tanner, Steve Carlisle, Steve Cruz, Tim Towers, Tommy Blade, Tyler Riggz, and Robert Thorn


XBiz GLBT Feature Movie of the Year
This is the Single Disc version of Link: The Evolution containing 5 edited, non-controversial scenes. The is the only version currently available on channel 1 On Demand. To obtain the 3-Disc Director’s Cut or 3-disc Expanded version, click here

Link has evolved. Chi Chi LaRue is back in the underground world of Link where men explore their darkest filthiest sexual fantasies.

The Water Scene:
Bo Matthews is naked, alone and filthy in a deserted hallway. Nick Moretti and Tyler Saint find him and douse him with a bucket of water. Tyler grabs a hose and sprays Bo mercilessly to clean the dirt and grime off him. Bo repays them in sex, sucking off both Nick and Tyler. After getting his ass rimmed Bo spreads his cheeks and lets the two muscle studs take turns on his hole.

The Suit Scene:
In a massive chandelier lit room, Rascal Exclusive Blake Riley with Scott Tanner and Kevin Miles are dressed in fine suits and drinking brandy from snifters. The three men cruise one another and begin pouring brandy in each other’s mouths and drinking from each others lips. The action heats up when Scott Tanner lets his glass fall from his hand and shatter on the floor. The suits are torn away to reveal leather harnesses and jocks underneath. The three let their wild sides loose sucking and rimming one another. Kevin gets both of his partners worked up by sucking himself off. Kevin rides Scotts big dick and then the two take turns fucking Blake’s talented ass.

The Meat Locker Scene:
Wrapped head to toe in black plastic Steve Carlisle and Josh Weston hang in a freezer like pieces of meat just waiting to be used. Manuel Torres enters wearing a leather butcher’s apron and carrying a meat cleaver. He slowly cuts away the plastic and unwraps his two pieces of muscle meat. He teases their asses and forces them to service him. Manuel fucks both of his pieces of meat and shoots his load on them while they eagerly beat off.

The Beer Scene:
Rascal Exclusive Tyler Tiggz, Cole Ryan and Blake Nolan are cruising one another amongst a labyrinth of machinery. The three are drinking cold beers and sizing one another up. They begin to guzzle their beer and pour it over their hairy chests. Before long their jeans are soaked and they are pouring and spitting beer on each other. They peel out of their wet clothes and a hot three-way erupts. Cole is the bottom boy, letting the muscle daddies take turns fucking his face and ass.

The Dog Boy Scene:
A lone fire hydrant proves too tempting for dog boy Steve Cruz to resist. He crawls to it on his hands and knees, sniffing at it like a wild dog. Joe Strong catches Steve in the act and slaps a leash on his collar. One by one; Matt Majors, Brendan Davies and Johnny Hazzard join Joe with the newly leashed dog boy. Steve is eager to please each of his masters and they feed him their cocks. Eager for more Steve lets all four men fuck his furry ass until they shoot on him.

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Restless Youths

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STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Blake Riley, Christian Cruz, Damian Rios, Eddie Diaz, Johnny Hazzard, Josh Vaughn, and Ryan Alexander

SYNOPSIS: Sexy Blake Riley recalls four hot desert sex-capades while his boyfriend Josh Vaughn is out of town in Chi Chi LaRue’s Restless Youths.

The temperature rises as Blake brings bad boy, hitchhiker Johnny Hazzard home for some steamy one-on-one action. These two hot studs take turns servicing one another with total abandon. Johnny buries his face in Blake’s big beautiful ass and rims him until his quivering hole is ready for some hard cock. Johnny gives him the pounding of his life until Blake erupts all over his six-pack abs.

Josh Vaughn christens his new room by bringing home hot latin jock Damian Rios. The two hit the sheets for a mind-blowing suck and fuck session. After savoring every inch of Josh’s throbbing cock Damian offers him his smooth bubble butt which Josh fucks enthusiastically.

While Blake and Josh are out of town, sexy house sitter Christian Cruz has a steamy encounter in the shower with one of Blake’s former tricks, Ryan Alexander. Before long Christian is bobbing up and down, riding Ryan’s huge cock and taking it deep in his hole. The two spew their load all over the marble floor after Ryan furiously slams Christian’s smooth ass.

Blake and Josh find out that boyfriends can share everything when they bring the gorgeous Eddie Diaz home with them to have an explosive three-way! Both Josh and Blake moan in ecstasy as Eddie expertly services them with his impressive cock sucking and rimming skills.  After Josh takes a ride on Blake’s rock hard dick Eddie also gets his hole filled by Blake’s throbbing piece of meat. This sizzling scene comes to climactic end with all three hot studs busting their loads all over Eddie’s muscular chest and abs.

KEYWORDS: Interracial, Latin, Rimming, Twinks, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Jock


ORDER NUMBER: RV1124 • UPC CODE: 666987011240

STUDIO: Rascal Video


CAST: Blake Riley, Jesse Santana, Luca DiCorso, Nick Horn, Nick Marino, Patrick Fisher, Sebastian Rivers, and Zackary Pierce

SYNOPSIS: Six horny studs who can get enough ass fucking action decide to take a retreat with Counselors Luca DiCorso and Zackary Pierce where they will put fucking out of their minds and focus on good old fashion oral sex.
Patrick Fisher is lounging poolside at night talking with Blake Riley, and the two decide to see if this oral thing is really all it’s cracked up to be. Before long the two are out of their swim suits and working over every inch of each other’s bodies with their curious tongues.
The next day Nick Horn and Nick Mariano are relaxing outside their room at the retreat and decide it’s time for them to see how well they do when they focus on the oral examination of each other. Fortunately for them, Zackary Pierce happens to walk by and catch them with their door open. He joins the muscular duo for some mouth-on coaching on how to suck dick and eat ass.
Jesse Santana is alone in his room and he’s horny for some action. He can’t keep his hands off his smooth body, rock hard dick and his smooth ass is getting a good fingering too. Sebastian Rivers walks in on him in the middle of the action and joins him on the bed, letting his mouth do the work of Jesse’s fingers.
After another successful weekend of helping couples experience the joys of oral sex, Zackary Pierce and Luca DiCorso decide it’s their turn to have a little fun. After sucking and rimming one another we learn that they don’t necessarily practice what they preach. In the end Zackary turns his big fat dick loose on Luca’s eager ass and the two fuck poolside in the bright sun.

KEYWORDS: Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Twinks, Muscle, 3 Way, 69, Blow Job, Masturbation, Caucasian, Hairy, Tattoos, Jock, Amateur



ORDER NUMBER: RV1199 • UPC CODE: 666987011998

STUDIO: Rascal Video


CAST: Blake Riley, Danny Arnez, Eddie Diaz, Josh Vaughn, Jude Collin, and Luca DiCorso

SYNOPSIS: An untamed sexual energy fucking like a wild beat, Eddie Diaz is quite possibly the #1 African American porn star of his generation. A body to die for with a thick horse hung cock that makes the boys drop to their knees (and on all fours!), Eddie’s got the goods. Here are some of this best scenes of all time, many hand picked by himself as the gay porn stud’s personal faves. Find out what makes Eddie Diaz a bonafide “Superstar.”


STUDIO: All Worlds Video
CAST: Aaron Tanner, Alex LeMonde, Andel , Antonio Milan, Billy Herrington, Blake Riley, Colton Ford, Damien Holt, Eddie Diaz, Guy Parker, Rece Ryder, Johnny Hazzard, Jock Hudson, Kai Ford, Kayden Pierce, Trent Cougar, Vance Winter, and Wolf Hudson
SYNOPSIS: Including an all new scene from C1R exclusive Johnny Hazzard, this movie features some of the hottest three-ways ever captured on camera by Channel 1 Releasing. Two is always better than one… but nothing beats three!

Beyond Compare: Top Cocks 2

ORDER NUMBER: RV1208 • UPC CODE: 666987012087

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Adam Faust, Jeremy Bilding, Blake Riley, Brandon Lee, Jason Ridge, Johnny Hazzard, Luca DiCorso, and Theo Blake

SYNOPSIS: Hot on the heels of the best selling Beyond Compare: Top Cock 1, Rascal Video is back with with another cock-throbbing, cum-inducing, fuck fest of epic proportions. Only the biggest and best cocks that we could find. Just for you! Enjoy!

KEYWORDS: Asian, Uncut, Interracial, Rimming, Solo, Muscle, Blow Job, Anal, Caucasian, Cum Shots, Hairy, Tattoos, Young, Jock



Unknown: Ghost Of A Chance

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Blake Riley, Chad Hunt, Coby Mitchell, Dominik Rider, Jackson Wild, Nash Lawler, Tommy Blade, Trystian Sweet, and Vinnie D’Angelo
SYNOPSIS: When Rascal Video Exclusive BLAKE RILEY starts receiving text messages from an unknown source, we are taken on a sexual journey in this haunting tale from Legendary Director CHI CHI LARUE. A strong supporting cast including CHAD 11″ HUNT, Stud pup VINNIE D’ANGELO, NASH LAWLER, TOMMY BLADE, and newcomer COBY MITCHELL, help unravel the mystery.

Sharp: Killer Good Looks

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
DIRECTOR: Doug Jeffries
CAST: Blake Riley, Jackson Wild, Jason Longh, Josh West, Nash Lawler, Nick Marino, Tommy Blade, Trystian Sweet, and Wolf Hudson
SYNOPSIS: Award winning director Doug Jeffries delivers a suspenseful tale of killer sex, brutal murder and a surprise ending to die for. Starring All Worlds Exclusive Tommy Blade and Rascal Exclusive Blake Riley SHARP is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!

While trimming some hedges with a pair of sharp pruning shears sexy Rascal Exclusive Blake Riley is informed by his buddy, Doug, that there’s an underground sex party taking place later that night up at the mines. Intrigued, Blake takes a drive up there to check it out for himself.

As Blake enters the mine shaft he discovers All Worlds Exclusive Tommy Blade sucking on Wolf Hudson’s thick cock. While Tommy gets face-fucked Blake takes out his man meat and slowly strokes it until he is invited by Wolf to join the horny duo for some mutual oral satisfaction. Tommy then takes turns sucking them both off until Blake stands on some discarded gas cans and gets both his cock and tight hole worked on simultaneously by both studs. This sizzling three-way gets even hotter when Blake gets behind Tommy and fucks him fiercely while Wolf shoves his massive cock down Tommy’s eager throat. These three studs eventually shoot their milky man juice onto the mine shaft floor.

Later that night, a nude Wolf is awakened from his post-sex nap to find someone standing over him in the mine shaft. As he begins to tell the stranger that the sex party is over he is quickly blinded by the glimmering steel of a large butcher knife. The stranger plunges the knife into his chest over and over again leaving Wolf’s bloody and lifeless on the mine shaft floor.

The following day, two police officers (Josh West and Nick Marino) show up at Tommy’s apartment to question him about the dead body found in the mines. Tommy, who’s had previous run-ins with the law, denies any knowledge of the murder. However the officers find his collection of knives and question him about it. Tommy tells them that he’s a chef and uses them for work – which he is now running late for. He excuses himself and turns to leave. Suspicious of both Tommy and his roommate (Jackson Wild) Officer Marino tells his partner to go with Tommy and find out more, while he stays behind to question the roommate.

Officer Marino leads Jackson into the bedroom, pushes him onto the bed and forces him to suck on his massive cock. The muscular Marino repeatedly slaps Jackson’s plump ass while gagging him with his juicy tool and night stick. He then forces Jackson to eat his hairy ass hole clean. Overcome with desire the officer flips Jackson on his back and rims his pink hole savagely. After fingering him for awhile the officer eventually gets his prize and rams his mammoth cock into Jackson’s glorious butt hole. Fucking him mercilessly the hulking cop pounds his suspect into complete submission. He finishes the job by shoving his long night stick up Jackson’s stretched out hole. Excited by watching the stick slide in and out, Officer Marino shoots a huge load of warm cum onto Jackson’s brutalized ass. He then tells Jackson to give Tommy this message from the police department and walks out.

While Blake is on the phone with Tommy, discussing their plans for their latest sex party, he spots Officer West walking up to his front door. He hangs up the phone, answers the door and Officer West beings to question him about his association with Tommy. After a few minutes, Blake lets the officer in and shuts the door behind him.

Later that evening, Tommy’s roommate is waiting outside by the swimming pool for the sex party to begin. He is approached by a figure in black – whom he recognizes. As he begins to ask the figure a question he is savagely stabbed in the chest with a large butcher. He screams and lands bloodied into the pool — dead. The figure wipes the blood off the knife and walks back into the shadows.

Over at the sex party, there’s a scorching hot four-way in progress. Hunky Trystian Sweet is giving head to both Jason Longh and Tommy while the muscular Nash Lawler beats his meat watching them go at it. As the action builds Tommy licks Nash’s ass and balls while Trystian eagerly devours every inch of their juicy cocks. Their groans grow louder and louder as the ass licking and cock sucking increases. Ready for some hardcore action Nash bends Tommy over a table and begins fucking him; as Trystian does the same with Jason. Facing one another, Tommy and Jason kiss as Nash and Trystian wildly slam their huge tools in and out of their tight holes. This sizzling scene gets even hotter when Tommy climbs on top of Jason’s lengthy cock and unmercifully rides it while Nash is brutally face fucked by Trystian.

Outside, Officers’ Marino and West hear loud groans emanating from inside the locked warehouse. They pull out their guns and attempt to open the lock. Meanwhile, the intense four-way comes to an explosive end as Tommy spews a creamy load on Jason. Jason then cums all over himself as Nash and Trystian both toss one out all over the cement floor.

A few minutes later Trystian is outside saying goodbye to Tommy when Officers’ Marino and West catch sight of them. Noticing that Tommy is about to go for one of his Chef knives the Officers point their weapons, shout “Halt!” and stop Tommy dead in his tracks.

Later that night, Blake and Officer West are sitting in Blake’s living room passionately kissing by the fireplace. Blake congratulates Officer West for ending Tommy’s grisly murdering spree. It isn’t long before Officer West wraps his lips around Blake’s throbbing cock. The temperature quickly rises as Officer West throws Blake on the couch and rims his luscious pink hole. Blake returns the favor by getting on his knees and working Officer West’s thick rod with some amazing cock sucking abilities. He then he sits on top of Officer West and rides his massive cock wildly. The officer then flips him on his side and shoves his throbbing tool in and out of Blake’s gaping hole until they both spurt their creamy man juice all over each other.

Later, as Officer West is about to go back to work Blake informs him that he’s still shaken up by everything that’s happened recently and that he finds it hard to believe that Tommy would do such a terrible thing. Officer West asks him if he thinks Tommy might have been framed. Blake’s response is as shocking as it is revealing! The end?
DVD Extras include a “Behind The Scenes” featurette with cast interviews and photo shoot video montage, Pop-Shot-On-Demand™, and “Wrap It Up” PSA.

He Fucked My Father

He Fucked My Father

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
DIRECTOR: Doug Jeffries
CAST: Blake Riley, Cameron Marshall, Cameron Taylor, Cort Donovan, Josh Vaughn, Kai Ford, Ken Mack, Vance Winter, and Wolf Hudson
SYNOPSIS: Shot entirely on location at a secluded mountain ranch HE FUCKED MY FATHER features an A-list cast of both ALL WORLDS and RASCAL EXCLUSIVES. Director DOUG JEFFRIES sexually charged tale stars CAMERON MARSHALL as the guy who’s dad all his buddies want to bed down with. Hairy Masculine KEN MACK plays the father who eventually strips down and throws his legs up for Big Dicked Twink CAMERON TAYLOR. Filled with stunning videography, top notch editing and clever direction this is one hot fuck flick, filled with many standout performances by BLAKE RILEY, JOSH VAUGHN and newcomer VANCE WINTER.

Rascal: A Toy Story

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Jeremy Bilding, Blake Riley, Drake Riley, Jackson Lawless, Johnny Hazzard, Lance Howard, Manny Max, and Rod Daily
SYNOPSIS: The Rascal’s open up Chi Chi LaRue’s Toy Chest and give the Rascal Toy Line a try on their play dates. BLAKE & DRAKE RILEY give “Blake Riley’s Perfect Ass” a ride, while Drake compares the toy to the real thing. JEREMY BILDING warms up JACKSON LAWLESS’ ass with “The Controller” before taking him to the big leagues with “The Blackballed Dildo.” MANNY MAX works LANCE HOWARD’S ass with “The Delinquent” and JOHNNY HAZZARD welcomes ROD DAILY to the world of bottoming with “The Initiation Kit.” After this playful movie, you’ll want a Rascal Toy of your very own!