White on Rice

ORDER NUMBER: CV08512 • UPC CODE: 802752085126

STUDIO: Catalina Video
CAST: Brad Davis Mikado, Brandon Lee, Christian Zimata, Doug Jeffries, Ethan-Michael Ayers, Sam Dixon, Spike, Jordan Young, Tim Boyd, Tommy Ritter, Emelio Sands

Tyler Riggz Shot for Shot

ORDER NUMBER: RV1126 • UPC CODE: 666987011264

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Brad Benton, Braeden Casey, Brandon Lee, Casey Williams, Claudio Martin, Jeremy Jordan, Marco Paris, Matt Hunter, Michael Brandon, Nick Young, TJ Young, and Tyler Riggz


Tyler Riggz shows you some of the hottest action from Chi Chi LaRue’s Rascal Video with a new scene featuring the debut of Rascal Discovery TJ Young.

Tyler is working in the Channel 1 Releasing mail room and he’s got hot newcomer TJ Young doing inventory for him. While he’s looking through the boxes Tyler comes across some of Chi Chi LaRue’s hottest videos and his favorite scenes.

In “On Target” he finds a hot scene with smooth muscle boy Braden Casey who “gets the shit fucked out of him” by muscle daddy Casey Williams.

From “Heat Of The Moment” Tyler gets into the hot three-way with muscle boy Matt Hunter and super hung Michael Brandon who take turns fucking Nick Young’s ass.

Chi Chi LaRue’s “Finish Me Off” makes Tyler even hotter while he is checking out the scene where Marco Paris fucks Brad Benton in his office.

In “Deceived” Brandon Lee and Jeremy Jordan’s wild romp gets a little hotter when pizza delivery boy Claudio Martin shows up and joins Brandon in tag teaming Jeremy’s eager ass.

Tyler gets so turned on by all of the porn that he starts jerking off. When TJ catches him in the act the young newcomer can’t help but drop to his knees to service his boss’ big cock. Tyler keeps the action going by fucking the cum out of TJ and shooting his own load.

Just another hard day’s work at Channel 1 Releasing for Tyler Riggz!
KEYWORDS: Rimming, Solo, Fetish, Daddies, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Uniforms, Caucasian, Posing, Hairy, Jock

Fuck! That’s A Big Cock

ORDER NUMBER: CV08506 • UPC CODE: 802752085065

STUDIO: Catalina Video
CAST: Brandon Lee, Casey Everett, Fredrick Ford, Jason Ivy, Marcos David, Marcos Pirelli, Maxime Cannon, Rocco Steele, Shane Rollins, Trevor Knight, and Troy Moore

SYNOPSIS: Tonight calls for an X-rated romp, so look no further! This masculine FUCKfest features super horny dudes – a huge black dildo, and tons of cock-sucking and ass-eating delight. The look on these guy’s faces when they play with each others’ holes and clamp their dicks tight, and especially when they spew their pent-up loads, is not to be missed. Watch the juices flow and tease your own cock!

Lights and Darks

ORDER NUMBER: EV1090 • UPC CODE: 666987601250

STUDIO: Electro Video
DIRECTOR: Doug Jeffries
CAST: Blu Kennedy, Brandon Lee, Brett Mathews, Brock Webster, Jake Samms, Jason Tiya, Luca DiCorso, Markus Ram, Rick Razor, and Tommy Ritter

SYNOPSIS: GAYVN Award Winner for Best Ethnic-Themed Video
*** Highly Recommended *** Brent Blue ( www.ManNet.com )

KEYWORDS: Asian, Uncut, Leather, Interracial, Rimming, Fetish, Bondage, Muscle, 3 Way, Docking, Hairy, Jock





ORDER NUMBER: RV1052 • UPC CODE: 666987601021

STUDIO: Rascal Video


CAST: Alex LeMonde, Anthony Shaw, Brandon Lee, Dillon Press, Eddie Stone, Gus Mattox, Jan Fischer, Johnny Hazzard, Kent Larson, Kyle Lewis, Lance Gear, Owen Hawk, Rick Gonzales, Rick Razor, Rob Romoni, Rod Barry, Sebastian Tauza, Shane Rollins, Tag Adams, Theo Blake, Tristan Bennet, Troy Punk, and Zak Spears

SYNOPSIS: 12 GayVN Award Nominations!

5 Stars (Top Rating)
Editor’s Choice
“One of the Most visually stylish movies of the year, Bolt is also one of the hottest.”
AVN, Doug Lawrence

Fasten your tool belts and break out the nuts, bolts and hammer-cocks, because Miss Chi Chi LaRue and her stable of beautifully sculpted and superlatively hung stallions are going to open a shiny toolbox worth of sordid sexual pleasures that would tempt Pandora herself – or at least her homo boyfriend. The title scroll sets the scene: We’re in the not-so-distant future, in a society where sex is ruled by a certain few and the rebel forces exist to serve their lusty masters. Or something like that. But enough with the pretense, let’s get on with the cock-swinging. First up, we meet gruff muscle daddy Zak Spears (“The Commandant”) and delectable tattoo’d hotness Johnny Hazzard – one of the most delicious dreamstuds to ever boost Chi Chi’s stock. They get things going sweatily with a spitty, pierced-prick-gagging, plump-nuts-tugging, pinched-nipple-twisting, pried-hole-slurping office romp. Hazzard is as exquisitely fit as he is fancily scrawled with tattoos, and Spears is quite the hunky bulldog in his studded leather harness. Spears gags down on Hazzard’s thick rigid cock and is soon pounding the inked-and-chiseled fuck-punk on the glass desktop. Props on the see-through table, by the way, which affords us all sorts of luscious, unobstructed views of Zak’s probing tongue and lunging cock flickering against and burrowing deep into Johnny’s fuzzy pink cooter, not to mention a fetching low angle shot of Hazzard and Spears lapping their spurted puddles of creamy effusion clean off the desktop. A metal shop is the scene of the next sexcrime… Still sweaty from his encounter with the commandant, Hazzard has himself a greedy mutual ass-chew and cock-gobble with beefy daddy Lance Gear, while an unseen punk toils away at the lathe. In the Director’s Cut version Gear feeds Hazzard’s twitch-hole with the cherry-red hilt of a long metal rod before both men ass-maraud each other atop a work bench. Favorite image: Hazzard delivers a gooey seminal baptism to Gear’s shiny bald head. Next, in the “interrogation room”, we see abducted Tag Adams in torn and burnt underwear. He’s quickly thrown to his knees by a brutish authority figure and – again, only in the Director’s Cut – is forced to crawl through a gauntlet of piss, sprayed in succession by a strapping squadron of six over-hydrated gym-studs. Be sure to roll up your knickers before dipping into this splashy aquatic ritual. Soaked heavy with the whiz of six scruffy punks, Tag is hosed clean by a handy power-washer and then takes turns gagging down hoggishly on every stiff pulsing dick in the room. Eventually the other guys join in on the cocksucking, rim-chewing and ass-tagging, and Tag eventually gets creamed and left wallowing on the floor, slathered in a thick glaze of multi-man chowder. Next is a slobbery, pit-licking, throat-cramming, sphincter-slurping tryst in a candle-lit tattoo parlor. Hazzard is first given a new tattoo by exotic inked cutie Brandon Lee, after which Lee takes command of submissive daddy Kent Larson’s firm bubble ass. Scene five fills the entire second DVD and is an astonishing hour-plus twelve-man orgy set in a starkly lit gray room appointed with cascading chains and glass boxes/cages. Jock straps are yanked down to unleash thick throbbing tools for the gargling; tight briefs are torn open to expose yawning, insatiable fuck holes for the slurping and probing; firm buttocks both smooth and fuzzy are slapped and spanked and invaded. It’s all sweaty and sniffy and piggish but, despite the scruff, the leather cuffs, the tattered underwear and the clinking Hellraiser décor, it’s all but a playful nudge beyond mere vanilla. That is, until things escalate with the introduction of some stainless steel hardware – namely the titular objet d’art, a shiny oversized ass-plug with a series of etched grooves coiled around its thick metallic shaft. Now, picture a bounteous supply of ’em, of varied girth and length, administered liberally to quivering poke-holes and gulping gullets alike. Get the picture? Disc 3 houses the extra features, including the following: A behind-the-cameras (inside-the-toolbox) featurette that offers a brief glimpse of the occasionally humorous atmosphere on the set; a feature-film’s worth of solo off-the-cuff photo shoot and interview clips; Chi Chi’s pro-condom public service message; and nearly a dozen hardcore teaser trailers, including the sizzling preview for Bolt. Synopsis courtesy of TLA Video

KEYWORDS: Jock, Hairy, Group, Uniforms, Underwear, Masturbation, Blow Job, 3 Way, Muscle, Daddies, Fetish, Twinks, Rimming,Leather, Uncut, Asian


Teddy Bear

ORDER NUMBER: RV1081 • UPC CODE: 666987601205

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Brandon Lee, Brent Everett, Eddie Stone, Jan Fischer, Jason Hawke, Johnny Hazzard, Joey Milano, Luca DiCorso, Shane Rollins, Tag Adams, and Tommy Ritter
SYNOPSIS: A man at the top of his game finally gets it in the end.

Affirmative Blacktion ( HD )

ORDER NUMBER: AW11267 • UPC CODE: 631979112670

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
DIRECTOR: Doug Jeffries
CAST: Aron Ridge, Brandon Lee, Eddie Diaz, Mitchell Rock, Jimmy Durano, Rob Romoni, Rod Daily, and Matthew Rush
Affirmative Blacktion
SYNOPSIS: Director Doug Jeffries is the master of controversial interracial fuck flicks and this time he’s taking it to a whole new level! Drop dead gorgeous men of every ethnicity with horse hung cocks and willing buttholes make up an all-star cast for what is hands down the most politically incorrect sex comedy of the year, “Affirmative Blacktion.” C1R exclusive Brandon Lee returns for his first movie in years and performs a rare bottoming scene that will leave you breathless, along with C1R exclusives Jimmy Durano and Mitchell Rock (making his interracial sex film debut) paired with some of the biggest stars in the biz.

Beyond Compare: Top Cocks 2

ORDER NUMBER: RV1208 • UPC CODE: 666987012087

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Adam Faust, Jeremy Bilding, Blake Riley, Brandon Lee, Jason Ridge, Johnny Hazzard, Luca DiCorso, and Theo Blake

SYNOPSIS: Hot on the heels of the best selling Beyond Compare: Top Cock 1, Rascal Video is back with with another cock-throbbing, cum-inducing, fuck fest of epic proportions. Only the biggest and best cocks that we could find. Just for you! Enjoy!

KEYWORDS: Asian, Uncut, Interracial, Rimming, Solo, Muscle, Blow Job, Anal, Caucasian, Cum Shots, Hairy, Tattoos, Young, Jock