It’s a Hard Life

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Blow in My Face

ORDER NUMBER: RV1183 • UPC CODE: 666987011837

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Tyler Saint, Chad Hunt, Dominic Pacifico, Adam Wolfe, Andy Hunter, Chad Manning, Danny Vox, Eddie Stone, Gus Mattox, Jack Hammer, Jan Fischer, Jerek, Johnny Hazzard, Josh West, Lance Gear, Logan Reed, Matt Majors, Matt Summers, Michael Johnson, Owen Hawk, Peter Raeg, Rick Gonzales, Rick Razor, Rob Anthony, Shane Risk, Shane Rollins, Tag Adams, Tommy Ritter, Tristan Bennet

SYNOPSIS: A cumpilation any fan of facials is sure to get off on, “Blow in My Face” features the best bukkakes and cum drenched faces from the past several years of Rascal Video features. Blow by blow, shot after shot we dare you to watch the movie without getting completely DRENCHED!

KEYWORDS: Latin, Solo, Muscle, Blow Job, Anal, Posing, Cum Shots, J/O, Group, Young, Jock

7 Deadly Sins Lust

ORDER NUMBER: AW10611 • UPC CODE: 631979106112

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
DIRECTOR: Michael Zen
CAST: Michael Brandon, Nick Young, Blake Harper, Ethan Richards, Jason Branch, Logan Reed, Rex Ryder, Rob Kirk, Tony Acosta

SYNOPSIS: The Seven Deadly Sins: LUST. Hunky, dark and sexy award winning actor, BLAKE HARPER, discovers a haunting portrait of the masculine and hung JASON BRANCH. (Real life lovers) Blake finds himself becoming obsessed with the painting of this god like man, that he will go to any length to find him.

This video steams! And it is wonderfully and masterfully directed by Michael Zen!
KEYWORDS: Latin, Rimming, Solo, Muscle, Blow Job, Masturbation, Caucasian, Posing, Hairy, Jock


ORDER NUMBER: MP1005 • UPC CODE: 666987010052

STUDIO: Mandatory Pictures
DIRECTOR: Drew Warner
CAST: Austin Reeves, Blake Harper, Damian Ford, David Pierre, David Thompson, Johnny James, Logan Reed, Michael Crawford, Sandy Sloan, Tony Serrano, and Tuck Johnson


“Exhibition features several amazing openings worth repeat attendance!”
Eric A Kane, Skinflicks
KEYWORDS: Twinks, Muscle, Blow Job, Anal, Hairy, Jock

Beach Buns

ORDER NUMBER: AW10351 • UPC CODE: 631979103517

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
CAST: Bryan Williams, David Rinaldo, Griff Thorson, Jorge Milano, Logan Reed, Luke Savage, Rod Barry, Sandy Sloane, and Scott Lyons

SYNOPSIS: Rod Barry has got the hottest pair of buns on the beach and every guy has his sights set on being the first to nail his virgin ass.

Blond lifeguards David Rinaldo and Bryan Williams are checking things out on the beach, including blond hottie Rod Barry who they have nicknamed “Beach Buns”. Rod is working on his tan and the sight of him gets David and Bryan turned on, so they head into their lifeguard tower to practice a little mouth to mouth, mouth to cock and mouth to ass “resuscitation”.

Meanwhile four tourists, Sandy Sloane, Scott Lyons, Griff Thorson and Luke Savage who flew cross country to spend some time at the beach are sitting in their hotel room. The guys are complaining about the fact that it hasn’t stopped raining. Scott suggests they find something else to do. The guys quickly undress each other and start rimming and sucking one another. Griff ends up bent over with Sandy and Scott taking turns fucking him while he rims Luke’s hot muscle ass.

Bryan the lifeguard finally gets up the courage to talk to Rod on the beach and the two end up going back to Rod’s place. Rod says that he wears his little squarecut swimsuit at the beach because he likes to put on a show. He adds that his neighbor Jorge Milano will probably be coming home soon so he and Bryan can put on a real show for him. Rod and Bryan 69 on the bed, while at the window Jorge strokes his uncut cock and plays with his hairy ass. Bryan thinks he’s going to get into Rod’s hole, but Rod says it’s not happening this time. Bryan gives in and lets Rod have his way with his tight smooth hole.

After hearing about how everyone wants his virgin ass Rod decides to go out and find a top who can pop his cherry. Rod brings home hairy stud Logan Reed who explains to him that once you bottom, you learn how to love it. He goes to town expertly rimming Rod’s ass until he’s begging for a fuck. Logan pounds Rod and shows him how hot getting fucked really can be.
KEYWORDS: Rimming, Fetish, 3 Way, Blow Job, Jock, Shower

Lickity Split

ORDER NUMBER: AW10634 • UPC CODE: 631979106341

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
CAST: Chad Hunt, Dante Foxx, Evan Taylor, Jackson Price, Lance Gear, Logan Krewe, Logan Reed, Ryan Zane, Rick Ritter, Thomas Bond, and Tiger

SYNOPSIS: An oral and rimming confection! A good, old-fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe is the setting for these guys who like to lick more than sweets. The fellow’s swap spit, tongue butt holes and suck stiff cocks with each their hungry mouths. No butt fucking, but enough dick lip smacking, butt eating to go around for everyone!

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Fetish, Daddies, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Group, Hairy, Jock

Star Fucker: Lance Gear

ORDER NUMBER: RV1201 • UPC CODE: 666987012018

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Brad McGuire, Chad Hunt, Evan Taylor, Jack Ryan, Lance Gear, Logan Reed, Marc West, Peter Raeg, and Tommy Saxx

SYNOPSIS: An all out self-professed sex pig who is shamelessly cock hungry, Lance Gear is one insatiable hunk! When the camera comes on him, he knows no sexual limits and shows everything to the viewer. Romp after romp, he lets the men leave him breathless, panting and begging for more, drenched in the sweat and cum of himself and others.

KEYWORDS: Daddies, Muscle, Hairy

Live and Raw: The Movie

ORDER NUMBER: RV1014 • UPC CODE: 666987100531

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Brent Banes, Caesar, Casey Williams, Eric Evans, Hans Ebson, Jackson Price, Jason Hawke, Joey Davis, Kyle Kennedy, Logan Reed, Michael Brandon, Nick Young, Nino Bacci, Spike, and Tuck Johnson

SYNOPSIS: “Some of the Biggest pornstars of the day…literally and figuratively!”
Keeneye Reeves,

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Solo, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Feet, Group, Jock, Amateur

Pillage & Plunder: The Movie

ORDER NUMBER: RV1018 • UPC CODE: 666987006581

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Adam Gabriel, Alex Burbon, Barry Barrett, Blake Harper, Sam Crockett, Corey Summers, Enrico Vega, Jackson Price, Jason Branch, Logan Reed, Matt Summers, Nino Bacci, Paul Cody, Scott Matthews, Spike, and Victor Rios

SYNOPSIS: Filmed aboard the Pillage & Plunder gay cruise, this film includes five scenes with sixteen hot men.

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Outdoor Sex, Latin, Rimming, Twinks, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Group, Jock, Amateur

Heat of the Moment

ORDER NUMBER: RV1084 • UPC CODE: 666987601229

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Casey Williams, Jackson Price, Kaleb Hayes, Logan Reed, Matt Hunter, Michael Brandon, Michael Lance, Nick Young, Rod Stetson, Sam Dixon, and Zach Richards


Young dudes in socks, jocks and boots. Giant cum shots. Public bathrooms. Baseball caps. Empty beers. Toe sucking. Ass licking. And a dreamer who awakens with a hard-on. Featuring hunky and the deliciously trade-like cover model Michael Lance along with a bevy of other hung cocksluts. This Chi Chi LaRue fetish flick is sure to satisfy.

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Rimming, Solo, Fetish, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Posing, Hairy, Tattoos, Jock