Crack Snackers

ORDER NUMBER: AW10717 • UPC CODE: 631979107171

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
CAST: Tim Bruno, Jerek, Joe Foster, Nick Capra, Nino Bacci, Parker Williams, Ricky Cash, Sebastian Cole, and Trent Austin

SYNOPSIS: An ass-eater's treat? rim-a-luscious! No anal actions, just hot and steamy cock sucking and butt munching action!

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In the Can

ORDER NUMBER: RV1027 • UPC CODE: 666987106670

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Anthony Holloway, Christopher Michaels, Damon Ivy, Joe Foster, Kyle Kennedy, Matt Summers, Nick Capra, Paul Johnson, Robbie Angel, and Trent Atkins

SYNOPSIS: “Man oh man, when our boy Matt Summers shoots his load, his body convulses wildly and he lets loose a series of throaty moans and grunts that will send a giddy shudder through your bod, too!”
Beef Stroganoff,

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Eddie Stone’s Private Screening

ORDER NUMBER: RV1080 • UPC CODE: 666987601199

STUDIO: Rascal
CAST: Alex Burbon, Brad Benton, Eddie Stone, Joe Foster, Julian Pierce, Kyle Kennedy, Matt Summers, Nick Capra, Paul Johnson, Rod Barry, and Troy Michaels

SYNOPSIS: 2005 GAYVN Newcomer of the year, Eddie Stone, stars in this collection of some of his greatest sex scenes!

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ORDER NUMBER: AW10633 • UPC CODE: 631979106334

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
CAST: Chad Hunt, Evan Taylor, Jackson Price, Lance Gear, Lane Fuller, Logan Krewe, and Mason Jarr

SYNOPSIS: Chi Chi LaRue gets these dick loving studs to get man meat any way they can! The video starts off with a blonde JACKSON PRICE bitching about his lack of sex life. So he goes and rents three different types of videos. The first serves up a 70’s look with the guys going at it straight away. The second vid has the old stand by locker room scene with the coach and jock. The third video features MASON JARR in bed with handsome LANE FULLER. Jackson is worn out from all the porn, and falls asleep until he is woken by a knock on his door. His new neighbors just happen to be Logan Krewe and Evan Taylor!

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Underwear, Jock

Duty Weekend

ORDER NUMBER: AW11042 • UPC CODE: 631979110423

STUDIO: Dirk Yates
DIRECTOR: Dirk Yates
CAST: Carson, DJ Carlton, Jurek Dawson, Mike, Mike O’Brian, Nick Capra, T.J., Zack Jamison, and Jason

SYNOPSIS: Director DIRK YATES is in a class all his own when it comes to getting real-life military dudes to get it on for his cameras. Studly D.J. CARLTON leads the cast of hot newcomers and fan favorites. It’s a free for all suck and fuckfest when a battleship pulls into port and the guys are off into the streets of San Diego on leave. The movie climaxes with a classic sex club 5-way and the opening scene with NICK CAPRA & CARLTON will knock your socks off

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ORDER NUMBER: CV08019 • UPC CODE: 802752080190

STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: Brad Austin

CAST: Antonio Roca, Casper Sloan, Dario Ventura, Manu Maltes, Marcos Pirelli, Nick Capra, Rob Romoni, Scott Wilde, Tamas Eszterhazy, and Trevor Knight

SYNOPSIS: European Stud TAMAS ESZTERHAZY and Ultra-Hung TREVOR KNIGHT head the cast is this BRAD AUSTIN scorcher! The desert reaches an all time high when a group of fraternity brothers invade Palm Springs. This cast of goodlooking well hung guys includes: MARCOS PIRELLI, DARIO VENTURA, NICK CAPRA and manly stud MANU MALTES

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ORDER NUMBER: RV1068 • UPC CODE: 666987601120

STUDIO: Rascal Video


CAST: Arpad Miklos, Eddie Stone, Fredrick Ford, Jason Ridge, Johnny Hazzard, Nick Capra, Owen Hawk, Shane Rollins, and Tommy Ritter

SYNOPSIS: Also Available: Chi Chi LaRue’s Hole Patrol Pack, featuring the Hole Patrol Nightstick anal toy. “Out of your car and down on your knees boy! These horny party boys better watch their backs when they encounter some back-road, hick, county sheriffs. Officers Fredrick Ford and Jason Ridge are hell bent on the lookout for lawbreakers in their neck of the woods. So begins the sex driven journey these young studs are about to experience. Tommy Ritter, Shane Rollins and Owen Hawk find out that the county sheriffs don’t take kindly to them in their town. The devious and underhanded sheriffs plant a gun in the guys’ trunk and arrest them so they can be put through some hot times back at the local jail. In the cell, shifty Warden Eddie Stone along with jailmate Johnny Hazzard mix it up with the new inmates for some hot action. While sheriff Jason Ridge interrogates shy Tommy Ritter with his nightstick, sleazy doctor Nick Capra performs a jailhouse physical on Shane Rollins. This anal probing test turns into a flip-flop fuck ‘n suck which is not to be missed. After putting on a show with Arpad Miklos, Johnny Hazzard helps the boys devise a plot to escape which leads to the overpowering and gang fuck of Eddie Stone. Just after the boys’ jailbreak, it is inmate Hazzard who reveals that the actual plot was not to get the boys to escape, but to get them to jail in the first place…”

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ORDER NUMBER: AW10716 • UPC CODE: 631979171622

STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Adam Wolfe, Andy Hunter, Tim Bruno, Danny Lopez, Gavin Braun, Nick Capra, Nino Bacci, Parker Williams, Paul Johnson, Paul Marsalla, and Sal Correlli

SYNOPSIS: Chi Chi grabs eleven of the hottest horn dogs in the biz today and lets them loose on each other in this over heated orgy.

The star is the sexy, blue-eyed ADAM WOLFE. And he proves just why he’s got a fuck flick dedicated to himself.

PARKER WILLIAMS and SAL CORRELLI are pounding back a few brewski’s in a back alley and need to take a piss. TIM BRUNO comes along and gets busted as he spies on the pissers cocks. He is soon forced to his knees and orally serves the two men. Tim then gets Sal’s smooth, rock hard ass shoved in his face for some butt munching. Both the rough guys spill their cum all over Tim.

Sal goes back and tells Adam about his violation. Adam is pissed and brings some of his buddies over to work over Sal and Parker. Adam pisses in a beer can and dumps his urine into Parkers mouth. Tim then gets Parker to open his mouth wide to take his cock way back down his throat. A group of the guys then lay Parker on the mattress and take turns shoving their woodies in Parkers mouth. The oral action then breaks loose and all the men go back and forth sucking on the stiff pricks. Sweet looking asses are exposed and the hungry ass eaters spread the cheeks and dive on in tongue first. The bottom boys, Parker, Sal, Tim and DANNY LOPEZ willing give up their love puckers to the big dicks as each of the guys take turns pumping their man shafts in and out of the eager holes. The sex explodes with cocks in mouths/asses and the men unleash a sexual energy that’s sure to blast you off!

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Pissed Off / Pissed On


Pissed Off / Pissed On

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
CAST: Adam Killian, Alex Leon, Antonio Montez, Cory Koons, Drew Peters, Jacob Slader, Jay Ross, Kyle Lewis, Lance Gear, Nick Capra, Peter Raeg, Phillip Aubrey, Rick Gonzales, Rod Barry, Tag Adams, and Tim Rusty
SYNOPSIS: Fully uncut and uncensored piss play at its best. Tons of hot drenched piss play starring superstars such as Tag Adams, Rod Barry, and Nick Capra