Alley Boys

ORDER NUMBER: CV08039 • UPC CODE: 802752080398

STUDIO: Catalina Video
CAST: Adam Rom, Eduardo, Eric Marx, Jake Holloway, Kurt Houston, Sam Crockett, Steve O’Donnell, Matthew Easton, Tony Cummings

SYNOPSIS: Legendary Director CHI CHI LARUE takes us on a non stop joy ride from the opening frame right up until the last cock shoots it’s wad! You’ll find them in every city across the globe, ALLEY BOYS who come out once the sun goes down. This impressive list of 1990’s stars includes STEVE O’DONNELL, KURT HOUSTON, JAKE HOLLOWAY, MATT EASTON, & EDUARDO.

KEYWORDS: Latin, Rimming, Twinks, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Group, Young, Jock

Hung Riders 2

ORDER NUMBER: CV08047 • UPC CODE: 802752080473

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: Brad Austin
CAST: Max Grand, Anthony Gallo, Anthony Mengetti, Buck Philips, Charlie Boy, Cody Whiler, Dan Lyons, Daryl Brock, David Thompson, Drew Andrews, Eric York, Jake Andrews, Johnathan Steele, Marcelo Reeves, Marc Pierce, Sam Crockett, Scott Russell, Steve Marx

SYNOPSIS: Director BRAD AUSTIN’s sequel to the box office smash features MARCELLO REEVES, DREW ANDREWS, SAM CROCKETT & DAVID THOMPSON as some of the overly endowed cowboys in search of gold. Their search leads them to a whole hell of a lot of ass along the way. Chi Chi LaRue(miss Klitty) & Sharon Kane(cross dressing cowgirl) reprise their non-sexual roles and provide the comic relief

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Outdoor Sex, Latin, Rimming, Solo, Daddies, Blow Job, Anal, Caucasian, Posing, Hairy, Young, Cowboy, Jock


ORDER NUMBER: AW11035 • UPC CODE: 631979110355

STUDIO: All Worlds
CAST: Paul Morgan, Alex Stone, Bobby Phillips, Brent Brooks, Dave Russell, David York, Eduardo, Joey Hart, Rock Jennings, Sam Crockett, Steve Cannon

SYNOPSIS: ROCK JENNINGS is introduced to the porn world in this CHI CHI LARUE all oral extravaganza! Shot in a seedy Los Angeles sex club porn favorites ALEX STONE, EDUARDO, BOBBY PHILLIPS, STEVE CANNON & SAM CROCKETT have a field day with the eager mouths of JOEY HART, DAVID YORK PAUL MORGAN, BRENT BROOKS, and DAVE RUSSELL! Climaxing with a 5 man group scene this hot feature is a real HUM-DINGER!

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Rimming, Muscle, Blow Job, Group, Jock

Fast Action

ORDER NUMBER: CV04208 • UPC CODE: 802752042082

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: Mark Jensen
CAST: Jeremy Brooks, J.T. Sloan, Matt Drake, Max Stone, Mike Vespa, Perry James, Rich Raines, and Sam Crockett


If you like ’em with big muscles and fat cocks then Fast Action is for you. Incredibly Handsome and with a dick that would bring tears to your eyes, MATT DRAKE is pure perfection!  Joined by a cast of solid performers including Sam Crockett, Mike Vespa and Max Stone, this feature from director Mark Jensen is sure to please.
KEYWORDS: Latin, Rimming, Daddies, Muscle, Blow Job, Hairy, Jock

My Brother’s Best Friend

ORDER NUMBER: CV04400 • UPC CODE: 631979103418

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
CAST: Alex Stone, David Rinaldo, Dax Kelly, Jake Armstrong, Marcus Ryan, Peter Wilder, Sam Crockett, Tony West, and Tony Zerega


Peter Wilder is in the bathroom, jacking off to an erotic story about some cowboys and the action comes to life with Marcus Ryan pairing off with Sam Crockett and Alex Stone with Tony West. The four cowpokes go at it with reckless abandon, slobbering and slurping on each other’s cocks in the fantasy setting. Marcus Ryan is the first cowboy to take a cock and he bucks hard while his ass is getting pounded on some hay bales. Tony Zerega bends over to let Sam Crockett pound on his hole next. In the end Marcus gets back in the middle of things so all three of the other cowboys can blow their loads on his hot muscle body.

Heading back to his bedroom while still reading his cowboy fantasy Peter catches his brother Jake Armstrong beating off alone in his room. It’s enough to push Peter over the edge and he blows his load right there watching Jake jack his cock off.

The next day, Jake is hanging out by the pool with his best friend David Rinaldo. Peter’s friend Tony West stops by and the two talk about the hot visitor and end up taking care of each other, first with Peter fingering Tony’s ass and then by using a hot dildo on him until he blows his load.

Peter is hanging out talking with his brother Jake and asks him if David is gay. Jake says he’s straight and with a knowing look Peter says, “Straight, just like you?” Jake looks at him confused and Peter says, “I guess you forgot about my friend Dax.”

In a poolside flashback, Dax Kelly is seducing Jake Armstrong. Dax worships every inch of Jake’s lean muscled body with his tongue. Dax dives into Jake’s shorts and services his thick cock, getting it good and hard. Jake returns the favor and then lets Dax tongue fuck his nice smooth hole. The two tanned studs end the scene jerking off side by side and unleashing a couple of massive loads.

Later that afternoon Peter is checking out David while he’s working on his car. David asks if he likes his jeans because he can’t take his eyes off of what’s in them. Peter asks if he’s gay and David says, “No, but I never turn down a chance to get my rocks off, and since Jake doesn’t have a sister it looks like you will do the job.” Peter takes that as a green light to drop to his knees and live out the fantasy of having sex with his big brother’s best friend.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Solo, Fetish, Muscle, Blow Job, Masturbation, Group, Jock

Pillage & Plunder: The Movie

ORDER NUMBER: RV1018 • UPC CODE: 666987006581

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Adam Gabriel, Alex Burbon, Barry Barrett, Blake Harper, Sam Crockett, Corey Summers, Enrico Vega, Jackson Price, Jason Branch, Logan Reed, Matt Summers, Nino Bacci, Paul Cody, Scott Matthews, Spike, and Victor Rios

SYNOPSIS: Filmed aboard the Pillage & Plunder gay cruise, this film includes five scenes with sixteen hot men.

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Outdoor Sex, Latin, Rimming, Twinks, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Group, Jock, Amateur