Chico and the Boyz

ORDER NUMBER: AW10898 • UPC CODE: 631979108987

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
DIRECTOR: Uncredited
CAST: Junior, Carlos, Dj-D, Mike-E, and Ray-Chico

SYNOPSIS: These papi’s from the street get down and dirty in four scenes of non-stop sex.

Raul Chico & DJ D are the first two guys to hook up in this down and dirty video.  DJ is kicking back in an apartment in Harlem which Raul Chico shows up and it’s not long before these two are sucking each other off and eating some ass. After getting his hole good and ready Raul shows DJ how to take it like a man. DJ grunts and moans his way through the scene until Raul decides it’s time for them to cum and then he splatters his load all over his fuck buddy’s chest.

Raul stops by to check on Mike-E at an uptown apartment and it doesn’t take much for Mike to convince Raul of what a good cock sucker he is. After getting his big dick good and wet Raul lays on the bed face down and spreads his legs wide so that Mike-E can give his sweaty ass the fucking it needs. Mike pounds away and from the way he moans like a bitch Raul loves every second of it.

Raul is chilling on his bed when Junior stops by and decides to feel him up. Raul’s not having any of it though and flips Junior on the bed so he can have his way with him. Junior knows he’s gonna get fucked so he just gives it up and tells Raul to use his ass, and that’s all Raul wants to hear because he goes to down fucking Junior until he’s rock hard and dumps a cum load all over his chest.

Carlos is about to take a shower when Raul stops by. Before the water ever gets turned on these two give each other a serious tongue bath. Then it’s in the shower they go and Raul goes to down fucking Carlos’ ass as the water pours all over them. After getting Carlos good and hard from all the fucking Raul wants his ass pounded too so he bends over to take on Carlos’ big fat cock.

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Revolucion Sexual

ORDER NUMBER: AW10853 • UPC CODE: 631979108536

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
CAST: Andrew Rubio, Antonio Montez, Brad Slater, Jhonathon Gabriel, Jonathan West, Kyle Lewis, Luciano Haas, Mario Cruz, Sebastian Jaymz, Tony Acosta, Viktor Perseo, and Joe Martinez

SYNOPSIS: Legendary Mexican folk hero, Pancho Villa, sends an invitation to a Hollywood filmmaker to document his revolution. What transpires does not involve guns and ammunition, but raw, manly passion. This is Pancho Villa’s fictional sexual revolution.

KEYWORDS: Latin, Fetish, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Uniforms, Group, Jock

Lured to Costa Rica

ORDER NUMBER: RV1017 • UPC CODE: 666987006499

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Alex Burbon, Axell Caballero, Kyle Kennedy, Luis Alberto, Marcelo Corella, Paolo Martinez, Richard Rocco, and Sebastian Madrid

SYNOPSIS: “A Sea of Gorgeous, Uncut Dark Haired Latin Lotharios! You’ll Most Assuredly Be Hitting Your ‘Rewind’ Button!”
Scott Templeton,

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Outdoor Sex, Latin, Rimming, Solo, International, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Posing, Tattoos, Amateur


ORDER NUMBER: AW10318 • UPC CODE: 631979103180

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
DIRECTOR: Michael Zen
CAST: Max Grand, Anthony Gallo, Matt Bradshaw, Chris Dano, Eduardo, Hodge Armstronge, Kyle Hunter, Marcelo Reeves, Paul Morgan, Ryan Wagner, and Talvin De Machio

SYNOPSIS: The Matador, Marcelo Reeves, is in a church and confesses he’s become obsessed with gay sex. The priest assures him it’s just the devil tempting him and says that his only salvation will come once he is married.

Marcelo goes out to fuck a prostitute in order to prove his manhood, but his friend Eduardo spies all of the action and gets himself worked up. Elsewhere in Marcelo’s house, Eduardo catches hunky chauffer, Hodge Armstrong, fucking himself with a dildo and butt plug while watching Eduardo on television. Hodge doesn’t stop working his asshole until he splatters a load of cum on the TV screen and all over Eduardo. Eduardo does not appreciate being the object of Hodge’s obsession.

On his way to the bullfight Marcelo begins to fantasize about two of his fans, Ryan Wagner and Talvin de Machio having sex. Ryan worships Talvin’s thick cock with his mouth and in turn Talvin rims Ryan’s ass until it is begging for cock. He pounds the young stud until they both spew warm sticky loads of cum.

After the bullfight, Eduardo is massaging Marcelo, and Marcelo orders him to pay special attention to his cock. Eduardo gives the matador exactly what he asks for, a fantastic hand job while Marcelo is fantasizing about gay sex.

That night at a bar, Marcelo is watching Anthony Gallo and Chris Dano arm-wrestling. The bartender, Kyle Hunger, is watching their every move and soon the matador’s imagination takes over. The three end up in a sexy threesome. Kyle eagerly sucks both of their dicks and then gives up his ass for a good hard pounding.

Across the bar a tourist, Paul Morgan, is sketching pictures of Marcelo on cocktail napkins. When the bartender sees the drawings he immediately tells Marcelo about the drawings. When the tourist has had one too many drinks and passes out Marcelo orders his driver to bring the “Gringo” with them. The Matador is taken with the blond American, and this obviously disturbs Eduardo who is obsessed with the Matador.

That night Marcelo dreams of an orgy with Eduardo, the American tourist, his chauffer and two horned men, Max Grand and Matt Bradshaw as bulls given human form. The men take turns fucking Hodge’s eager ass while Marcelo watches. When Marcelo sees Eduardo fucking the American tourist he can barely control himself. Eduardo pulls Marcelo into the fray so that all of the men can beat off and cover the matador with their creamy loads of jizz.

The Matador wakes from his dream and is covered in sweat. He orders the tourist to show him the finished work of art. The painting is beautiful and he promises Paul that they will be together the next day after his bullfight.

In the end the Matador and the Tourist are reunited and the Matador finally gets to experience his love with another man. The tourist eagerly sucks his massive uncut cock. The two 69 and make passionate love to one another. After rimming and spreading his ass open, Marcelo sinks his hard cock deep into the tourist who moans in ecstasy taking each and ever inch over and over until they both shoot their loads.

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Latin, Rimming, Fetish, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Uniforms, Hairy, Jock

More of a Man

ORDER NUMBER: AW10033 • UPC CODE: 631979100332

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
DIRECTOR: Jerry Douglas
CAST: Butch Taylor, Chris McKenzie, Joey Stefano, Lon Flexx, Michael Parks, Michael Henson, Rick Donovan, and Sharon Kane


A coming out story, told only as Jerry Douglas can tell it. Winner of four GAYVN Awards including Best Gay Video, Best Screenplay, Best Actor – Joey Stefano and Best Non-Sexual Performance – Chi Chi LaRue

Joey Stefano is a young man struggling with his sexuality. After praying for help to make his urges go away, he heads to a bus station bathroom where a glory hole tempts him. Joey and Michael Parks take turns sucking each other through a glory hole. Joey’s tearoom trick tries to talk him into going home with him, but it’s no deal for Joey. Instead he just fucks his trick’s ass through the hole and then gives up his hole for a pounding.

Afterwards Joey heads to a bar for a drink and runs into Chi Chi LaRue who is working on a number for an audition. He also meets Michael Henson, a new bartender who he’s instantly attracted to. Before Joey can make a move, Michael is getting off work and headed home for an “anniversary” celebration.

At home Michael and his lover Butch Taylor have a passionate night of sex. When a phone call takes Butch away from the bedroom, Michael follows him into the kitchen. Michael is still hungry for more and pushes Butch down on the tile floor so he can fuck his ass. After the sex is over, it becomes apparent that things are less than perfect in their relationship.

Joey is still struggling with things, and decides to go get a tattoo to prove his manhood. Tattoo artist Rick Donovan talks about how giving tattoos turns him on. He adds that he can tell how good the tattoo is going to be by how hard he gets. Rick strips down and starts playing with his enormous cock. Joey quickly follows his lead and gets turned on looking at Rick’s big piece of meat. Once they are hard, Rick gives Joey his tattoo. By the time it’s over they are both completely turned on and Joey sucks big Rick off in the tattoo parlor’s back room.

Still struggling with his sexuality, Joey picks up a hooker, but the entire time he is with her he is fantasizing about Michael sucking him off in his truck. Joey buries his face in the hooker’s lap but all he is thinking about is sucking Michael’s cock.

Chi Chi gets a big break and has a gig performing at a night club in West Hollywood. He insists that Joey comes to his opening night. Hesitantly Joey heads to the gay bar to see his friend perform. Chi Chi dedicates his opening number to Joey.

After the show is over things really start to heat up at the bar. Two of the patrons, Lon Flexx and Chris McKenzie, start going at it in front of a crowd of on lookers. The guy’s aren’t shy at all about stripping down and sucking each other off. They crawl up on the bar and start fucking for everyone to see. Joey can’t help but get turned on and when they catch him in the act they pull him into a three-way for everyone at the bar to see. Lon and Chris take turns fucking Joey over the bar and on the floor until they have all shot their loads.

Joey comes to terms with his sexuality and meets up with his bartender crush Michael at the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade. The two get the happy ending they deserve and have sex inside a float as it motors down Santa Monica Blvd. during the annual parade.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Twinks, Solo, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Anal, Masturbation, Underwear, Caucasian, Posing, Hairy, Tattoos, Jock

Our Trespasses

ORDER NUMBER: AW10187 • UPC CODE: 631979710180

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
DIRECTOR: Mike Donner
CAST: Blue Blake, Chase Allen, Drew Andrews, Ethan-Michael Ayers, Jeanna Fine, Scott Baldwin, Sky Thompson, and Jordan Young


Chicago 1977: Scott Baldwin and his boyfriend Drew Andrews stop outside a Catholic Church so that Drew can go in for confession. Scott challenges Drew saying that he’s not being entirely honest with the Priest when he is confessing his “sins”. Drew admits that he’s torn over his feelings for Scott and his loyalty to the Church. Scott leans in to give Drew a kiss that leads to the couple stripping down and caressing each other’s bodies in the car until they both shoot their loads. Afterwards they exchange necklaces, Drew giving Scott his cross and Scott giving Drew his silver chain with the Star of David.

A few months later, Drew leaves Scott, saying that he can’t help but follow his calling from the Church. In his note he says he will contact Scott after he’s settled in at the seminary.

One year later at Saint David’s Seminary, Ethan Michael Ayers is working in a laundry room when Jordan Young walks in. Ethan surprises Jordan with a kiss, asking him if anyone saw him come in. Jordan says no and they begin to make out passionately as the strip one another down. As they are servicing one another, Drew catches them in the act and he is shocked by what he sees. Unaware that they are being watched, Ethan fucks Jordan until they are both spent. Only the slamming of the door as Drew leaves makes them aware that they were caught in the act.

19 years later, Drew is a priest. While sitting at his desk, Drew pulls out the necklace that Scott gave him 20 years ago. While he is looking at it, a young man comes to see him. Drew is shocked because the young man looks just like is lover Scott from so many years ago. The young man says that he’s in need of some guidance and when he leans towards Drew a cross that he is wearing slips out of his shirt. Drew recognizes the cross immediately and the young man says that it was a gift that his dad had given him. Drew begins to lecture the young man about taking responsibility for his actions, but he’s not having any of it and takes off.

Realizing the mistake he’s made, Drew follows after the young man and ends up in a sex club where Blue Blake is whipping a chained up Chase Allen and they are joined by Sky Johnson in a leather three-way. Blue orders Drew to join them, but when he realizes that Drew is a Catholic Priest he immediately begins to mock him. Scott’s son sees this and accuses Drew of being a complete hypocrite. In the sex club, the leather orgy continues with daddy Blue calling the shots and ordering Chase and Sky around.

Back at the church, Scott’s son shows up to talk to Drew and asks him why he wanted to know about his father. Drew admits to Scott’s son that his father was his lover back in the 70’s. In a flashback we see how Drew and Scott were indeed lovers in the passionate conclusion of the story.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Fetish, Bondage, Daddies, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Hairy, Jock

Heat of the Moment

ORDER NUMBER: RV1084 • UPC CODE: 666987601229

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Casey Williams, Jackson Price, Kaleb Hayes, Logan Reed, Matt Hunter, Michael Brandon, Michael Lance, Nick Young, Rod Stetson, Sam Dixon, and Zach Richards


Young dudes in socks, jocks and boots. Giant cum shots. Public bathrooms. Baseball caps. Empty beers. Toe sucking. Ass licking. And a dreamer who awakens with a hard-on. Featuring hunky and the deliciously trade-like cover model Michael Lance along with a bevy of other hung cocksluts. This Chi Chi LaRue fetish flick is sure to satisfy.

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Rimming, Solo, Fetish, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Posing, Hairy, Tattoos, Jock

In Gear

ORDER NUMBER: RV1020 • UPC CODE: 666987006482

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Chad Hunt, Clint Cooper, Jackson Price, Lance Gear, Logan Reed, Marc West, Michael Brandon, Tommy Saxx, and Tom Southern


“Lance Gear dominates IN GEAR like a raging sex god! Chad Hunts massive python is astonishing! If this film doesn’t get you hard, then nothing ever will.” Parker Moore, UNZIPPED MAGAZINE

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Rimming, Fetish, Daddies, Muscle, 3 Way, Watersports, Blow Job, Uniforms, Extreme, Group, Hairy

Lights and Darks

ORDER NUMBER: EV1090 • UPC CODE: 666987601250

STUDIO: Electro Video
DIRECTOR: Doug Jeffries
CAST: Blu Kennedy, Brandon Lee, Brett Mathews, Brock Webster, Jake Samms, Jason Tiya, Luca DiCorso, Markus Ram, Rick Razor, and Tommy Ritter

SYNOPSIS: GAYVN Award Winner for Best Ethnic-Themed Video
*** Highly Recommended *** Brent Blue ( )

KEYWORDS: Asian, Uncut, Leather, Interracial, Rimming, Fetish, Bondage, Muscle, 3 Way, Docking, Hairy, Jock

Everybody Fucks (HD)

ORDER NUMBER: RV1262 • UPC CODE: 666987012629

STUDIO: Rascal Video
CAST: Alex Adams, Alexander Greene, Armando De Armos, Dustin Steele, Johnny Hazzard, Nick Cross, and Valentin Petrov

SYNOPSIS: A huge cock for every hungry hole is the name of this game! A compilation full of locker room orgies, jockstraps, hot, rimjobs, sweaty athletes, all having non-stop hardcore SEX. What’s crazy about this game is that you don’t know when another couple will join in on some already hot ongoing action, until EVERYBODY FUCKS. Don’t ask, don’t tell, must watch…