Raw Poles in Tight Holes (NEW)

ORDER NUMBER: CV08526 • UPC CODE: 802752085263

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: William Higgins
CAST: David Koral, Filip Cervenka, Lukas Pribyl, Petr Kluk, Rado Zuska, Zdenek Berdak, Zdenek Bodbaba, Gregor Bortel, Tomas Kukal, Rudy Bodlak, David Samek, Ondra Krahul, Marek Kral, Milos Zambo
KEYWORDS: bareback

Double Czech (DC)

ORDER NUMBER: AW10587 • UPC CODE: 631979105870

STUDIO: All Worlds Video
DIRECTOR: William Higgins
CAST: Jorka Kalvoda, Jordi Cosimo, Karel Bartok, Libor Taborsky, Jirka Bartok, Pavel Korsakov, Zdenek Vesper, Martin Pravda

SYNOPSIS: Sexy twins make each other! Master director Wim Hof, along with the brilliant cinematography of Pavel Nikos, push the boundaries of erotica with unbridled, brotherly passions.

KEYWORDS: Uncut, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, International, Fetish, Muscle, 3 Way, Masturbation, Extreme, Group, Jock, Incest, Eastern European, Amateur

In Me Bare (HD)

ORDER NUMBER: CV08520 • UPC CODE: 802752085201

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: William Higgins
CAST: David Koral, Filip Cervenka, Kamil Jezek, Lukas Pribyl, Petr Kluk, Zdenek Bodbaba, Rado Smutny, Gregor Bortel, Rudolf Herec, David Smetak, Tomas Kukal, David Skabeta, Martin Bogdan, Dalibor Janek, Ondra Krahul, Jakub Nakuda

Pacific Coast Highway

ORDER NUMBER: CV01017 • UPC CODE: 802752501794

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: William Higgins
CAST: Jeremy Scott, Buddy Preston, Jake Anderson, Jeff Hunter, J.W. King, Kip Noll, Scott Anderson, Steven Richards, Steve Savage, Troy Richards, and Dan Rockford

SYNOPSIS: Ultimate surfer dude KIP NOLL stars in this classic William Higgins Movie. Kip’s huge dick is a hit with all his beach buddies, and he’s one dude that loves a good splash on his the face! J.W. King, Buddy Preston & Dan Rockford are along for the fun. It’s High Tide on the beach and the waves are slamming!

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Twinks, Pre Condom, Daddies, Blow Job, Jock

Double Czech 2009

ORDER NUMBER: WH85001 • UPC CODE: 8594068830485

STUDIO: William Higgins
DIRECTOR: William Higgins
CAST: Adam Richter, Konrad Richter, Nikolas Rezac, Matthus Reinhardt, Viktor Kana, and Bjorn Gedda

SYNOPSIS: Director WILLIAM HIGGINS follows up his masterpiece with this controversial sequel of lust and love. Identical twins ADAM and KONRAD RICHTER embark on a five scene exploration to discover their sexuality. First they begin to explore with each other, then with friends and finally they find the meaning of brotherly love.

KEYWORDS: Blow Job, Masturbation, Group, Incest, Eastern European

Fuck Me Raw

ORDER NUMBER: CV08514 • UPC CODE: 802752085140

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: William Higgins
CAST: Adam Rupert, Arny Donan, Jan Sadecky, Just Angelo, Radim Hajek, Rado Zuska, Steve Peryoux, Zdenek Berdak, Peter Van Don, Filip Cerny, Simon Beber, and David Smetak

SYNOPSIS: Scene 1: What starts off as an innocent massage quickly turns into a hot rub down and fuck fest with these 2 smooth studs. Watch them suck on their huge uncut cocks, before riding the long shaft to the creamy cum filled ending. Scene 2: These 2 muscle studs are really only looking to work one muscle today. Their “workout” soon gets sidetracked and a whole lot sweatier with their rock hard bodies and uncut cocks. With these 2 hot studs, your own meat will be hard and in -hand before their finished. Scene 3: Daddy knows what he wants from this young boy, and he gets started rimming his little hole good and long, prepping it for his huge uncut cock. The moans alone will have you wishing you were there for the hot cum filled facials. Scene 4: It doesn’t take long for these hot strangers to get acquainted. Before you know it their clothes are off, and cocks are throbbing in each other’s mouths. They wasted no time getting into some hot fucking action, before cleaning up in the shower. Scene 5: This lost sugar daddy is looking for more than directions today. He’s soon got a young hustler in the car, looking for a rock hard cock to fuck his tight manly hole. Watch him give daddy his huge cock and shoot a load deep inside his ass. Scene 6: These 2 young smooth boys decide watching videos is boring, and it’s more fun to make your own. You’ll be fantasizing being in the room with them, getting into every position possible, from doggy to riding, ending it off with a hot soapy rub down.

Route 69

ORDER NUMBER: CV01029 • UPC CODE: 802752010296

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: William Higgins
CAST: Derrick Stanton, J.J. McCarthy, Mike Gibson, Danny Parks, Dean London, Dominick DeMarco, Greg Winters, Mike Ramsey, Todd Eagles, Tim Lees

SYNOPSIS: The Boys are fine on Route 69.   80’s STUD MIKE RAMSEY  and his buddies are hitting the road in search of fast guys and hot sex.  William Higgins road movie of the 80’s features many 1st time performers who are anything but camera shy!

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Solo, Pre Condom, Blow Job, Caucasian, Posing, Jock, Amateur

The Big Surprise

ORDER NUMBER: CV03005 • UPC CODE: 802752030058

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: William Higgins
CAST: Buster, Chuck Niles, Mike Dean, Rod Phillips, Shaun Peters, Steve Grant, and Steve York


It’s no surprise that the cast of this movie went on to become Superstars! Steve 12″ York, Buster, Steve Grant, Chuck Niles and the others became overnight sensations upon this films release. Cute, Young, and Horse-Hung…what’s not to love!  This movie packs it and we dare you not to whack it , when watching this classic piece of porn history. Digitally remastered.
KEYWORDS: Pre Condom, Blow Job, Jock

These Bases Are Loaded

ORDER NUMBER: CV01024 • UPC CODE: 802752502494

STUDIO: Catalina Video
CAST: Buddy Preston, Derrick Stanton, Giorgio Canali, Jon King, J.W. King, Tony Prince, Brad Peters, Brian Richards, Chris Burns, David Hix, Jack Burke, Joel Thoms, John Bach, Robert Sims, Steve West, Toby James, and Todd Johnson


William Higgins hits a home run in this newly remastered classic starring JON KING.  A huge cast , including crowd favorite Giorgio Canali, make this memorable feature a collector’s favorite.  The grand slam orgy scene at the end leaves you breathless.
KEYWORDS: Latin, Pre Condom, Daddies, Muscle, 3 Way, 69, Blow Job, Group, Jock