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STUDIO: Dirk Yates

DIRECTOR: Dirk Yates

CAST: Kenny , Kurt Summers, Lark Larson, T.J. Davis, Remik , Mike Miles, and West

SYNOPSIS: Dirk Yates gets his sexed-up military men to take it like a few good men. Kurt Summer’s buddy, Mike Miles is coming down from the base at 29 Palms and wants to hook up at the All Worlds Resort in Palm Springs. When Kurt gets to his good buddies room, his horny pal is jerkin the gherkin already in bed. The two stroke their cocks and Mike quickly decides that he wants to have a taste of Kurt’s hard on. Kurt is more than happy to get some wet mouth relief on his stiffy. The two Military men pull a sixty-nine. Kurt wants something tighter around his big dick, so Mike takes a seat on Kurt’s hard rod and rides him. Mike lies on his back and spreads his legs wide for Kurt to go in and do some deep penetration of his fuck hole. Mike shoots his big load with Kurt pumping inside of him.

The two hit the road and find Jarhead, Lark Larson, stuck on the side of the road. They give him a lift back to their room. Mike passes out from his hot fuck session. Kurt and Lark decide to go for a dip in the pool. Lark opens his mouth and the over sexed Kurt feeds him his cock. Kurt gently licks and sucks Lark’s fat man meat. The two go back to the room and continue with the dick sucking. Kurt sticks his dick in Lark’s ass and fucks him doggy style before Lark bobs up and down on the stiff meat. The two pop their nut.

Lark gets back on the road and calls his friend, Remik, to take a look at his car. Remik and Lark look through a girly magazine. The boys get a bulge in their pants and begin to stroke off. Lark goes down on his buddy. Remik takes Lark’s woody in his mouth and sucks. Lark gets his legs up in the air and Remik fucks his pal’s love canal. Remik lies on the floor and Lark sits on the hard cock. Remik strokes Lark’s hard on while he pumps his hot ass.

T.J. picks up Lark’s buddy, Wess, from the airport. He has to be up early to be at the base, but that doesn’t stop him from getting into T.J.’s pants. The two men lay on the bed and Wess starts playing footsies with T.J.. Wess goes for the huge cock and starts to suck off T.J.. The two do a sixty-nine, shoving each other’s cocks into their mouths. T.J.’s new buddy pops a condom on the thick hog and has a seat on it. T.J. gives it to him doggy style, on his back and finishes up with a scissors fuck.

Kurt gets home and Kenny is waiting for him. Kenny bitches and Kurt offers up his dick. Kenny goes down right away. Kurt goes down on Kenny’s cock. Kurt pokes Kenny from behind and fucks his butt before flipping him over for deeper thrusts. Kurt shoves a big dildo up Kenny’s ass, who’s been begging for more. Still not enough, Kurt sticks the BAM dildo in Kenny. Both men shoot their boy goo.

Hot, horny, military guys getting off anyway they can! Over 2 hours!