The Bigger They Come

ORDER NUMBER: CV03006 • UPC CODE: 802752800699

STUDIO: Catalina Video
DIRECTOR: Scott Masters
CAST: John Davenport, Blake Cass, Chris Gray, Cole Carpenter, Chris Onassis, Doug McCall, Gary Owen, Matt Cruise, Michael Lee, Robert Harris, and Tony Marino


Johnny Davenport, 11 inches of super thick man-meat filled with streams and streams of cum.  If ever there was a show stopper it’s this dude.  He has the most famous cum shots in porn history.  This Scott Master’s gem features some of the most popular stars of the pre-condom era. Rare appearances by Cole Carpenter and Matt Cruise make this a collector’s dream movie.
KEYWORDS: Pre Condom, Daddies, 3 Way, 69, Blow Job, Jock