ORDER NUMBER: PR1006-DVD • UPC CODE: 6371062664146

Title: Work Force Fuckerz
Studio: Fucked!
Director: Falk Lux and Ali Lyck
Cast: Kai Cruz, Basti Winkler, Brett Carter, Mika Poika, Chris Forny, Tony Maya, Brodi Muller, Alexander Mayer, Bjorn Muller

They work hard and they fuck harder – they are the Work Force Fuckerz! These guys may look like your usual builders and blue collar lads, but they’re actually rough tops looking for some hot arse to fuck! Two paramedics abuse a patient in the back of the ambulance, a builder catches a graffiti artist red handed and gives him a red hole, a hung plumber dominates a lad on a public tram, and foremen take advantage of their construction crew on site! Hard workforce action!